How Do Nitrous Systems Actually Work? – Car Repair News for Foreign and Domestic

The informative video “Nitrous: How It Works” in the form of Science Garage delivers the low about the energy boost which is derived from nitrous gas. The host describes how force induction allows the boosting of the power of nitrous systems. Scientists have found that nitrous oxide helped planes to fly at higher elevations post WWII. It was possible to introduce nitrous oxide without the risk of ignition by creating it as a Nitrous Oxide System. Injecting the nitrous oxide through the engine’s cylinder the release of oxygen both eliminates pinging and boosts the horsepower.

Systems may use wet or dry injections to get the power boost. It can be configured for drivers to utilize only in the instances they require an energy boost. However, NOS can cause damages to the engine beyond what is normal and will cost a lot to the vehicle for long-term use. If used correctly the nitrous system can provide the vehicle an immediate kick that will add to chances of winning over other racers. It’s the same concept that was utilized by racers of the extremely popular Fast and Furious movie franchise. For more information, be certain to check out the video linked in this article.


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