Parents, Try These 15 Strategies for Empowering Teens – Family Video Coupon

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Teens typically face immense pressure to be successful academically, socially, and in extracurricular activities. Parents have to help teens succeed in all these areas but it’s important to acknowledge their achievements. If they accomplish a goal or milestonelike having a good grade or winning a competition be sure to acknowledge and praise their success.

One of the best ways to increase a teen’s confidence and self-esteem is to celebrate their accomplishments or milestones, regardless of how small. This shows them that dedication and hard work are valued. This can be accomplished by a variety of ways. For instance, you could give them a tiny gift or take them out for dinner.

Yet, avoid the temptation to put too much focus on achievements. Life’s about more than achievements. Teens experience mistakes similar to everyone else. As a parent you need to provide your assistance and advice during those instances. Inspire your children to learn lessons learned from their experiences and never give up at trying again.

13. Encourage creativity

Help teens develop their creativity can also help empower teens to be more creative. By doing this it not only provides teens with a means of expressing their ideas and emotions as well as helping in developing their skills as an artist. The arts of drawing, acting, playing and writing are all forms of creative expression. Teens should be encouraged to channel their energy and creativity toward the artistic expression is what they’re the most enthusiastic about.

The importance of recognizing and celebrating your teenager’s artistic talents is also essential. In the instance of a drawing, if you see them draw, show a keen interest in it and ask what inspired them to draw it. Place their work in a prominent place at home, to demonstrate your appreciation and inspire them to continue creating.

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